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  • I had limited range of motion, especially to the left and wasn't able to get relief. Working with Dr. Jake, Dr, Becca, and Dr. Audrey, it was great to see the teamwork on getting me back to normal again. I would highly recommend Walker Chiropractic and Wellness.

    - Ashley
  • Magic hands is all I can say!

    - Amber
  • We brought Huxley in to Walker Chiropractic as Dr. Becca has shared so many health benefits there are for newborns and chiropractic care. We brought her in when she was 3 days old and Becca talked us through everything she was doing, how much pressure she was applying and showed us where Huxley needed some attention. Huxley was not nursing and latching the best on my right side, after being adjusted I could tell immediately the change it made. Huxley would latch right away and was nursing much l

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  • Hi Dr. Becca, I was just so excited, I thought I should email you! I ran three miles last night... slowly, but I did it!! I had no dizziness and a very low level of pain in my head/ neck. I feel great today, no pain came later! Running was the last thing I haven’t been able to do since my surgery, and I really wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to do it safely and pain- free. Thank you for never telling me that my body can’t do something, and instead helping me find a way to do it. To thin

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  • I am just so excited that I wanted to share this with you! I have gone to the rec both nights since my last appointment and worked on doing the breathing like you told me. WOW what a difference that has made!! I actually felt good and tired after both workouts instead of hurting and dizzy like I usually do. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You have turned my life completely around in the last few years. I never thought I would be able to do anything like that or feel this good again. Thanks aga

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  • My first time going to a Chiropractor and was very nervous not knowing what to expect. Becca made me feel comfortable and listened to my concerns. So glad I made the decision to go to Becca! Thumbs up!

    - Melissa
  • Last year after a horse riding accident, I discovered that I have a Chiari brain malformation. After having decompression surgery, I heard about Dr. Becca and decided to see if she could help me. Along with my Chiari, I had pain in my shoulder from the horse accident and very minimal use of my right arm. Before going to Dr. Becca, I was not able to do much and was in constant, extreme pain. My main issue was my Chiari, but there was a lot of pain in my shoulder and I had been taking short, shall

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  • Drs Becca and Jake are colleagues but they are also some of the best chiropractors I know. There's been a number of times where I've had various complaints and Dr Becca is exceptionally thorough and knowledgeable in neurology. It's amazing how quickly the brain changes with the right input. 💜Honored to call them my colleagues and friends!

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  • Friendly staff and many services offered! I did the blood draw test there that tells you what foods cause you inflammation and how to reverse that. I’m one month into cutting out inflammatory foods and have lost 10lbs without changing anything else. I counted calories before and I am still eating the same amount just not the ones that cause me to be inflamed. And I have actually been exercising less.

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  • Dr. Jake and Dr. Becca are awesome!!

    - Tanya
  • 2 sessions on my neck has the pain gone and I am back at 100% now. I recommend the services here. Thanks Dr Jake!

    - Jon


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