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    Dr. Rebecca Walker
    Chiropractor and Neurologist

    Dr. Becca grew up in northern MN and was very active in sports and outdoor recreation. Through her passion of living an active lifestyle, she pursued the career of chiropractic with education from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Her passion was to care and serve others, with a goal to bring her community and patients the closest to their optimal health and well being, by ensuring proper joint movement, nutritional education and overall mind body wellness. Dr. Becca is gifted and educated in diagnosing and caring for individuals with many various symptoms, including migraine headaches, low back pain and neck pain that may be interfering with an individual's overall well being. She is dedicated to empower the individual to make lifestyle changes, by educating them throughout their care on the intricate connections of the body. In addition, to her doctorate of chiropractic, she has obtained her diplomat in functional neurology, allowing her to assess and care for the individual from the brain down. Our nervous system, the way we move and live, is orchestrated with a constant communication from brain and body. Dr. Becca evaluates possible levels of decreased communication and, through various brain based exercises and specific adjustments, she is able to increase well being and help manage daily living in individuals who have suffered concussions, have chronic pain and other various neurological conditions. When she isn’t at Walker Chiropractic & Wellness, she enjoys being active with her husband, Dr. Jake, and daughter Madi, traveling, reading and coaching CrossFit.

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    Dr. Jacob Walker

    Dr. Jake grew up in Algona, IA. Through an active lifestyle in various sports, he frequented the chiropractor and understood the benefits of care to move optimally. In pursuing his passion, he is able to work with individuals in helping them reach their goals of getting back to their “playing field”. Dr. Jake met his wife, Dr. Becca and decided to move back to the community that supported Dr. Jake throughout high school. He is motivated to give back to his community, in caring for patients, educating them on healthy lifestyle and the benefits of chiropractic care, as well as being involved with Kiwanis and volunteering at various community events. In addition, Dr. Jake is board certified in chiropractic acupuncture, which he utilized as a great modality to care for many musculature complaints as a sole model for care or in conjunction with chiropractic. Dr. Jake’s passion for encouraging a healthy lifestyle shows immensely in his past time activities. When not at Walker Chiropractic & Wellness, you will find him playing with his daughter Madi, gardening his many gardens, or canning and cooking nutritious meals for his family. He also enjoys golfing, any and all lake and camping activities, coaching Crossfit and traveling with his family.

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    Dr. Audrey Finer
    Physical Therapist

    Audrey Finer is a native of a suburb of Kansas City. She attended Marquette University, obtaining her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science in 2007 and her doctorate in physical therapy in 2009. She is a board-certified sports specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association. She obtained her certification in spinal manual therapy from the International Spine and Pain Institute in 2017. She is certified in Functional Dry Needling. Audrey enjoys treating the orthopedic and sports population especially the female athlete. She also has interest in the pediatric population. She provides individualized treatments in a setting that is focused on the client and their specific needs and desires. She builds lasting relationships with her clients to assist with diminishing and eliminating movement dysfunctions through their lifespan.  In her spare time she likes to spend time outdoors and be with her family. She lives in Algona with her husband Ryan and her daughter Emmy.


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