Pelvic Health

Dr. Audrey has a passion to assist women in being the best version of themselves. This includes the "taboo topics" that often can negatively impact daily function and well being. Don't suffer another day in silence or chalk up your symptoms as "typical" or the norm. 

Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction
       -Urinary &/or Bowel incontinence
      -Urgency/frequency issues
      -Pain with sex
      -Genital Region Pain
Pregnancy & Postpartum
     -Urinary incontinence
     -Scar mobilization
     -Diastasis reci abdominis
     -Tight Hips
     -Pubic symphysis pain
     -Lower abdominal/groin pain
     -Pelvic organ prolapse
       -Pelvic floor weakness
      -Pelvic organ prolapse d/t loss of estrogen
      -Weight gain
      -Sexual Dysfunction
Female Athletes
       -Nutrition to feed the athletic body
      -Education regarding body image
      -Proper bowel/bladder care
      -Menstrual cycle impact on performance
      -Highly susceptible female sports injuries (concussion, ACL           tears, knee pain, neck pain/headaches)

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